Career Opportunities with Bhartiya Airways

You may be curious about how airlines and airport function and who are the employees needed to create a secure and convenient air travel when you select airways for your professional journey; you get opportunity to travel to all over the globe. . Hence, if you wish to pick a career in aviation sector, you need to understand deeply about several things about airport mechanism. Some of the essential features and basic code of conduct required in airport jobs are described in following section

  • 1. High professionalism and Discipline
  • 2. Safety of passenger
  • 3. Security of Belongings
  • 4. Time Management
  • 5. Personal growth and development
  • 6. Great communication skills
  • 7. Customer handling expertise
  • 8. Familiar with multiple dialects, nationalities and cultures

High Paying Job Opportunity in Bhartiya Airways

Bhartiya Airways is prestigious company in Noida. We have developed a robust and excellent flight booking engine. We always appoint capable applicants for different job profile from 10th pass applicant to a graduate pass out. We offer accurate training, suitable atmosphere, discipline and professionalism to make our student understand the aviation industry. We nurture their skills and help them to select their job profile as per the capability. Each applicant develops skills and method of work with complete capacity through assistance of precise direction and training. After proper training and skills, we provide them job in our company so that they have a great career ahead.

Bhartiya Airways hire people with following job profile
  • 1. Ticket Support Executive
  • 2. Sales Executive
  • 3. Sales Manager
  • 4. Travel and Tourism
  • 5. CSA (Customer Service Associate)
  • 6. PSA (Passenger Service Associate)
  • 7. HR Executive
  • 8. HR Manager

Ticket Support Executive

Ticket support executive is the most prominent job profile in travel booking service. These executives help passengers or travellers to book tickets online. They also provide information about ticket scheduling, available flights, cheap flight fares, ticket cancellation process, refund money and many more. Bhartiya Airways has a plenty of vacancy for ticket support executive. It is a dream job for many people and our company is looking for passionate people to work in our organization.

Responsibility of Ticket Support Executive
  • 1. Providing information about available flights and fares
  • 2. Help passengers to book tickets online
  • 3. Assist users on ticket cancellation and refund money process
  • 4. Provide passengers all possible help if they need
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Sales Executive

Sales Executive is responsible to generate sales for any organization. They need to seek new clients and meet them digitally and personally to close the deal. They are also expert in providing demo and representation of company’s product and services. We need youthful, energetic and dedicated employees that can drive excellent sales for our company and we will provide them salaries and big incentives for the work they will achieve.

Some other responsibilities of sales executive are:

  • 1. Analyze and improve sales performance
  • 2. Decide key performance indicators in terms of sales
  • 3. Maintain precise date and records for organization
  • 4. Setting new business opportunities
  • 5. Attending business meeting, trades and exhibitions
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Sales Manager

Sales Manager is the backbone of an organization financial growth, revenue and market capitalization. Bhartiya Airways is looking for experienced, capable and enthusiastic sales manager who can uplift company’s business valuation and credibility. We provide them positive environment and growth opportunity. Following are the duties of a sales manager

  • 1. Coordinate and manage all marketing and sales efforts on a local and regional
  • 2. Evaluate the sales squad's advantages and disadvantages and adjust the sales action begins
  • 3. Assist sales representatives on the field as they develop contacts and complete new deals.
  • 4. Visit consumers to understand their changing demands and measure the effectiveness of organization's association with them.
  • 5. Creating sales predictions and estimates, as well as approving spending.
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Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is one of the biggest job generators in the world. Now travel bookings, holiday packages, hotel reservation and flight booking is possible with just one click Bhartiya Airways provide plenty of jobs in travel and tourism sector

What types of travel and tourism job we offer:
  • 1. Travel and tour operator
  • 2. Ticketing agent
  • 3. Flight booking agent
  • 4. Tour management and many more
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CSA (Customer Service Associate)

The customer service agent or associates are always devoted to the consumers of any organization. Bhartiya Airways is searching for some of the best talent in the industry who can handle customer queries and problems easily. We have opening of plenty of customer service agent. Here will give them proper training and growth hike. Know about the duties of a customer service agent

  • 1. Provide accurate, valid and complete information by using the right methods/tools
  • 2. Obtain business connections
  • 3. Achieve sales and phone handling goals for the customer support team.
  • 4. Maintain track of customer contacts, handle payments, and submit documentation.
  • 5.Organize a big number of telephone calls.
  • 6. To maximize client satisfaction, assess and find their demands.
  • 7. Through inclusive and flexible conversation, establish long-term connections and respect with client accounts
  • 8. Observe all communication procedures, rules, and standards.
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PSA (Passenger Service Associate)

Passenger service assistant or associates as the name refer is responsible to provide help and technical assistance to traveler or passengers when they need. You can apply for passenger service assistant in Bhartiya Airways. Our company need many energetic, innovative and mind blowing people who are passionate about handling all types of passengers and travellers.

Some of the duties of PSA are as follows:-
  • 1. Measuring baggage weight and billing the passenger an additional fee if it that exceeds the weight
  • 2. Security measures, seat assignments, and boarding passes and baggage labels are all part of the job.
  • 3. Welcoming passengers and using electronic technologies to verify their tickets, documents and passport among the passenger catalogue
  • 4. Helping with the boarding process
  • 5. Keeping in touch with customers,
  • 6. Processing check-ins, and ensuring security
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HR Executive

Bhartiya Airways seek HR executive from time to time for the smooth recruiting process, human resource management, accurate salary distribution, employee-management coordination and many more. Now Bhartiya Airways is looking for HR executive who can handle all the responsibilities of human resource management and make our organization strong and stable.

Role of HR executive :-
  • 1. Recruitment
  • 2. Managing resignations or terminating employees
  • 3. Hiring new staff and arrange the proper training
  • 4. Management of salary distribution and incentive
  • 5. Verify that legal provisions for employees are in existence and that they are followed.
  • 6. • Disciplinary action and solutions
  • 7. Making sure the safe work environment
  • 8. coordination between employees and employers
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HR Manager

Human resource manager is in-charge of supervising the human resources department and ensuring that the HR team's responsibilities and activities are completed. Our company needs some mindful and passionate HR manager who can handle all the task of human resource management and provide optimum solutions to employee and management. Moreover we provide high paying salaries, bonus and incentive to our HRM manager along with all employees based on their performance.

Some of the duties of HR manager is described below:-
  • 1. Human Resource Management
  • 2. Workplace Policies for Maintaining Work Culture
  • 3. Development and Training to employees
  • 4. Candidate Selection
  • 5. Dealing with resignations and firings
  • 6. Settle a dispute
  • 7. Employee Selection, verification and Recruitment
  • 8. Disciplinary Actions are implemented
  • 9. Record-keeping for workers
  • 10. Keeping the company's benefits and incentives intact
  • 11. Evaluating HR department work and provide suggestions for improvement
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Required documents for Getting Aviation Jobs

  • 1. ID Proof ( Aadhar card, Pan card, voter id card )
  • 2. DOB Proof
  • 3. Education Certificates ( 10th, 12th, Diploma or Graduation)
  • 4. Additional certificates (Aviation certificate if any )
  • 5. Passport size photo