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Q. What is Bhartiya Airways?+
Q. Why use Bhartiya Airways for booking?+
Q. Can we apply for a round trip?+
Q. Can we book tickets for more than one flight?+
Q. Is there a refund provided on cancellation by Bhartiya Airways?+
Q. What is the procedure for getting a refund?+
Q. What offers do we get if we book from the Bhartiya Airways website?+
Q. Can we opt for the price reduction in our package if we don't want offers?+
Q. Are there packages economical for the lower middle class?+
Q. Is Bhartiya Airways booking for all airlines or some?+
Q. Can we cancel travel bookings anytime?+
Q. What are the modes of payment available for booking travel packages?+
Q. Can I book for a different class on a round trip?+
Q. What documents do I need to have if the booking is from someone else card?+
Q. How do I know if the connection is secured or not?+
Q. How many states does Bhartiya Airways cover in their packages?+
Q. Do we need to pay for a guide provided by Bhartiya Airways?+
Q. Is there EMI available for expensive travel packages?+
Q. Is guide service optional or mandatory?+
Q. How do I get my tickets when I book online?.+
Q. How would I know if my payment has been successful?+
Q. What if my money gets deducted & I don't get a confirmation message?+
Q. What is the time frame of booking airline tickets?+
Q. How can I view my destination details online?+
Q. Are discounts and offers both are different or the same?+