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Back in 2019, With the vision of Mr. Bhagvanta Singh, Bhartiya Airways started its journey. The success of Bhartiya Airways over the years has made us one of the leading platforms when it comes to travel and flight booking. Where users meet the expectations of their dream destination at very affordable pricing with many offers and discounts, And this is our sole dedication to making travel affordable even to the lower middle class, From Leh to Kanyakumari or from Rann of kutch to Dong, Our holidays packages will expand to every part of India and internationally. The thing that made us stand apart from the crowd is that we have our travel guides in every major destination, who is responsible for your travel to be more comfortable and hassle-free Users who plan their dream destination with us always opt for us for their further travel plans because of our user-centric approach, where we don't let any room for complaint in the minds of our dear customers. And we are not just stopping here; Our future goal is to launch our airlines by 2025. It's a dream for which every member of the Bhartiya Airways family is working tirelessly. So stay tuned on the journey of Bhartiya Airways.


Bhartiya Airways is the fastest-growing venture in flight booking and travel & tourism. We are a well-established name for the services we provide in aviation and hotel management. And now, we are further expanding our wings from one office in Noida to many outlets all over India. From developing your personality to travel and tourism service, there is nothing that we cannot provide, you just name it. Besides providing several services, we also give a fair amount of time to the betterment of society. We should always do good and that is what we promote in the world. You can get services including Aviation, Hotel, and so on. You can even get your tickets booked by our company in an affordable range with the best results. Just like that, we try to put our hands into different sectors with the best staff members that can do the work feasibly. Along with that, the team has great enthusiasm which makes it a leading company in today’s era. You may need content for your website, or you need someone to make your website, and have SEO, then you shouldn’t worry about it anymore because Bhartiya Airways have got you covered. We have every professional that you are going to need in your daily website work. So, contact us to get more details about the same.

Meet The Founders

FOUNDER Bhartiya Airways


Mr. Bhagvanta Singh

Our Founder and Managing Director of Bhartiya Airways is Mr. Bhagvanta Singh. With an extremely well personality that changes the lives of several individuals, he is now trying to focus on legal assessments by pursuing BA+LLB to get to know more about the business and its infrastructure. Bhartiya Airways was launched by him in 2014 with a different name i.e TARA Enterprise. However, in 2019, it became TARA Hotels and Airport Pvt. Ltd. For managing the airports and travel bookings, he launched Bhartiya Airways which was a success from the start.

CEO Bhartiya Airways


Ms. Shweta Mishra

The company's CEO is Ms. Shweta Mishra. All the internal affairs of the company are managed by her. Back in 2021 Feb, she joined the company as the HR manager and did a phenomenal job. She is a graduate with BBA in management. After clearing MAT to pursue MBA in HR and Finance, she gained more knowledge by the day to become successful as she is now. She lived up to her full potential and made Bhartiya Airways the best. As a result, her capabilities led the company to where it stands right now.

Our Journey


The goal of Bhartiya Airways is to reduce the cost of travel as much as possible. Our talented team creates travel packages that include everything a customer might hope for. With our travel packages, we want to grow our business throughout all 50 states and territories. We will have a certified travel agent at every Bhartiya Airways location to assist our users along the route. At the Bhartiya Airways Institute, they'll receive comprehensive training to understand.


Bhartiya Airlines operates under the idea that morals and work ethics should never be sacrificed. We appreciate the confidence and time that our customers place in us in order for us to deliver them a high-quality travel experience through our vacation packages. The reason for our success in such a short period of time is that we always respect mutual growth. Because we respect user feedback when designing the vacation package, our values are the client's.

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