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Are you looking to soar high in your career in the aviation industry? Look no further than Bhartiya Airways, where we offer comprehensive training and a supportive environment for our team of professionals. Our company specializes in both airport and hotel employment, giving you the opportunity to develop your skills in both areas. We are committed to helping our students and semi-skilled professionals reach their full potential. We provide rigorous training that covers every aspect of the aviation industry, including the inner workings of airports and airlines. Our team of experienced professionals will help you choose a career path that suits your skills and interests, and guide you every step of the way to ensure your success. We pride ourselves on our professional demeanor and tight discipline, creating a workplace culture that fosters growth and development. We believe that with the right coaching and training, anyone can reach their full potential and excel in their chosen field.

If you're looking to kick-start your career in the aviation industry, look no further than Bhartiya Airways. We're always on the lookout for bright, talented individuals to join our team, and we provide all the necessary tools and support to help you succeed. Join us today and take your career to new heights!

Tips for finding Online Academy Course/Paid Academy Course or Academy Course Search

Decent Dress Bhartiya Airways
Decent Dress

It's important to make a great first impression when attending a Academy Course, and your appearance plays a significant role in that. Dressing professionally shows that you take the opportunity seriously and have respect for those around you. So, dress to impress, even if it's just for a day.

Manage Workload Bhartiya Airways
Manage Workload

Each task assigned to you is an opportunity to showcase your abilities and impress your superiors. Therefore, it's crucial to prioritize them and complete them thoroughly and promptly. However, don't let the urgency of a task impact the quality of your usual commitments. Strike a balance and show that you can handle everything with grace and efficiency.

Mention Your Contact Information Bhartiya Airways
Mention Your Contact Information

In the digital age, your CV is not just a piece of paper. Consider adding a QR code that leads to your online portfolio or professional website, making it easier for potential employers to connect with you. Including innovative contact information like this can demonstrate your tech-savviness and creativity.

Avoid Making Personal Relationship Bhartiya Airways
Avoid Making Personal Relationship

While it may seem tempting to engage in workplace relationships, it's best to avoid them altogether. This is especially true for employers, who should consider implementing policies that prohibit them. Even if everything is going well, workplace relationships can lead to problems with morale and productivity in the long run. It's always better to keep work and personal life separate.

Avoid Casual Behaviour Bhartiya Airways
Avoid Casual Behaviour

It's important to maintain a professional demeanor with your boss and coworkers. Building personal relationships with them can blur the lines between professional and personal responsibilities, leading to conflicts and drama in the workplace. By avoiding casualness and prioritizing professionalism, you can keep your Academy Course and excel in your career.

Build Your Contact List Bhartiya Airways
Build Your Contact List

To find the ideal Academy Course and future job prospects, it's essential to explore various businesses that offer Academy Courses for freshers or students. By visiting these organizations, you can gain valuable insights and knowledge that will help you make an informed decision. Broadening your horizons and exploring different opportunities is key to finding success in your career.

Bring Unique Ideas Bhartiya Airways
Bring Unique Ideas

When communicating with potential employers, being positive, friendly, and engaging is important. Be sure to share the unique and innovative ideas that set you apart from other applicants. Avoid making negative comments that could create a negative impression. By showcasing your positive attitude and creativity, you can impress potential employers and increase your chances of success.

Preparation For An Interview Bhartiya Airways
Preparation For An Interview

Before going to a Academy Course interview, it's important to conduct thorough research on the company. Take the time to learn about the organization's history, mission, and employees. An applicant who demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the company is more likely to be viewed positively by the interviewer than someone who doesn't. Research is key to success in the job search process.

Avoid Using Personal Email Address Bhartiya Airways
Avoid Using Personal Email Address

Avoid using your personal email address when applying for Academy Courses. This is because some job boards may sell your email address, resulting in unwanted spam. Additionally, using a personal email address can lead to accidentally sending personal emails to your entire address book. It's best to use a professional email address specifically created for job applications.

Academy Courses

Academy Banner Bhartiya Airways

Bhartiya Airways is giving you a way to learn effectively and immediately. Bhartiya Airways is providing several academy courses through which an individual can live a blissful professional life. Not only that, but If you get 80 to 90 per cent in your Academy course exam, You will be getting a 70% of scholarship from us. Best of Luck!


The Sales Manager drives an organisation's financial growth, revenue, and market capitalisation. Bhartiya Airways is looking for a mature, talented, and dedicated sales manager to help the company's business value and reputation.

A sales manager is responsible for the following tasks:

     → Management and coordination of all local and regional marketing and sales activities
     → Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the sales team and modify the sales.
     → Assist on-the-road sales personnel in developing connections and closing new business.

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Travel and tourism are major job producers across the globe. Bookings for travel, vacation packages, hotel reservations, and flights can now be booked with a single click. Bhartiya Airways provides various career options in the travel and tourism business.

It consists of the following profiles:

     → Ground staff : The ground crew is responsible for passenger safety and comfort by checking.
     → Aiding passengers with special requirements, verifying reservations, and selling tickets.
     → Our personnel are pretty accommodating to visitors.
     → A "ticket agent" in the airline industry aids consumers in booking seats and buying tickets.
     → Our personnel are kind and helpful.

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Any organization's customer service representative or colleagues are constantly dedicated to their customers. Bhartiya Airways is looking for some of the industry's greatest people that can effectively handle customer concerns and difficulties.

Learn about the responsibilities of a customer service representative.

    → Use the appropriate methods/tools to provide accurate, valid information.
    → Make business contacts
    → Meet sales and phone handling targets for the customer service staff.

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Passenger service assistants, or associates as the name suggests, are responsible for providing aid and technical assistance to travellers or passengers as needed. You can apply for a position as a passenger service assistant at Bhartiya Airways.

PSA is responsible for the following tasks:

    → Measuring luggage weight and charging the traveller an extra cost if it exceeds.
    → Security measures, seat allocations, boarding tickets, and luggage labels.
    → Greeting travellers and utilising electronic technology to validate their tickets.

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Bhartiya Airways engages HR interns regularly to assist with the smooth recruitment process, human resource management, correct compensation distribution, employee-management cooperation, and other duties. The Human Resource intern supervises the Human Resource department and ensures that the HR team's responsibilities and operations are met.

An HR manager's duties include the following:

     → Policies in the Workplace to Maintain Work Culture
     → Management of Human Resources
     → Employee education and training

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We are looking for a properly prepared and cost-conscious tourism manager to oversee all trip-related logistical processes. The tourism manager is responsible for creating detailed itineraries, reserving the necessary services, and communicating with key stakeholders. Additionally, you need to manage visa applications promptly. You should be able to demonstrate financial savvy and consideration for anticipated movements to succeed as a tourism manager.

Tourism Manager Responsibilities:

     → Creating and distributing thorough itineraries.
     → Coordinating with the venue's operations teams.
     → Maintaining a high level of stakeholder accessibility.
     → Arranging for travel, lodging, and related services.

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Our Academy Course has mentors with excellent in-depth knowledge and experienced skill sets and will give you the best guidance to work in the professional field. As of now, we have two Academy Course programs for which any student can pay & learn from the best field expert.

    → For the 6-month Academy Course program, our fee is 1 lakh.
    → For a 1-year Academy Course program, our fee is 2 lakh.
    → Get in touch with us immediately to discuss your needs.
    → Find out how our programmes might assist you in realising your ambitions.

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Benefits of Academy Course:

Real-life job experience

When you're in college or just graduated, your resume probably looks like it was written in invisible ink because there isn't much on it. The most important reason to do an Academy Course is to get real-world work experience. Sure, you can put on your resume that you worked part-time as a barista or an SAT tutor. But if you want to work at Facebook as a web developer or environmental lawyer to help fight climate change, those high school or college jobs are just filler on your resume or cover letter. On the other hand, an Academy Course is a chance to get experience in the field you want to work in. It's a job that will bring a hiring manager's attention, probably the first one on your resume and cover letter.

Get familiar with professionals

In addition to giving you a great work history that will look great on your future CV and cover letter, an Academy Course is a great way to put what you've learned so far to use. You might be a computer science major who wants to work in security. You might be studying textiles at FIT to be a part of New York Fashion Week one day. No matter what, an Academy Course in your field is where you can put everything you've learned in the classroom to use. Getting to know other professionals is one of the best things about an Academy Course is that it gives you the chance to meet people who work in your field. When you start an Academy Course, you have the benefit of being close to the best minds in your field and essential.

Learn from Industrial expert

Academy Courses let you use what you've learned in school in the real world and also allow you to learn more about the industry. As someone who likes to travel, I know that even the most accurate tourist guide can't tell me how it feels to go to a place for myself. In the same way, you can learn as much as you want, but you won't really understand what it's like to work, both physically and mentally, until you do it yourself.

Get assure before you take full job

Are you sure that this is the field you want to work in? Are you sure-sure? One of the best things about an Academy Course is that you can try out different things without any commitments. Maybe you don't want to work for Google. Or perhaps you want to change everything about your career. In either case, a 3-month summer Academy Course lets you try it out and leave without any hard feelings. And you can keep the knowledge you've gained.

Use your skill

An excellent way to put your skills to use is to do an Academy Course. If you're a college student or just graduated, an Academy Course gives you a chance to put what you know and care about into practice. Putting the skills you've worked hard to learn to use is a satisfying experience that lets you put what you've learned to the test in the real world and get feedback on how to improve.

Build your confidence

Nothing is better than ending a first date with a positive outlook on the future for the two of you. In the same way, an Academy Course gives you the confidence you need to face the challenges you'll meet later in your career. And becoming more confident and well-equipped will provide you with an edge in any candidate pool you find yourself in in the future.

Be prepared for future job

We've talked about how Academy Courses help college students, graduates, and other people, but mostly in terms of how they'll help you in your field or industry. But Academy Courses also help you learn more about the world of work. Academy Courses are usually your first real job. They teach you everything from how to look for a job to how to interview to the ins and outs of office life. If you've been through an Academy Course programme, you'll be well-prepared for future resumes, cover letters.

Possibility of a job contract

Lastly, an Academy Course may lead to a genuine job offer when it's done. Even though it's not required, many companies that like you as an intern may decide to hire you after the programme is over. After all, they've spent time, money, and resources on you over the summer or semester, so it's also in their best interest. And even if you don't want to sign a full job contract at the end, you can at least get a good letter of recommendation from them!

FAQs Intership with Bhartiya Airways

Q. What does an intern do?

Academy Course Opportunities with Bhartiya Airways enable its interns to become 'Aatmnirbhar' / 'Self-reliant'. With the best knowledge, opportunities & responsibilities, they become the best candidate in the field.

Q. Do you get paid in the Academy Course?

Yes, our best Academy Course opportunities give various options to those who applied in category 'Academy Course for student' & 'Paid Academy Course.'

Q. How can I get an Academy Course?

The best Academy Course searches use a variety of ways to look for opportunities. You can look for things that interest you by using keywords like "6-month Academy Course programmes," "Academy Courses near me," "Academy Courses for freshers," etc. Bhartiya Airways is a great place to start, and its many Academy Course opportunities will give you many choices. On this page, you will find information about other Academy Course opportunities.
You might also find out about Academy Courses through newspapers, newsletters, job fairs, work/study abroad programmes, people from your hometown, professional associations, student organisations, trade magazines, community service/volunteer groups, and the office of your major department.

Q. Are Academy Courses difficult?

It depends on the personality of the intern. If he/she is passionate about learning, then it's not; if they are not, everything will be difficult. Also, it depends on the office working and its decorum as well.

Q. In what timeframe can I expect to hear back?

Ans- There is no set procedure or typical experience, and the time it takes might vary depending on the availability of specific roles. As positions become available, the first step is often a resume screening. There may be a follow-up survey depending on the position you apply for and the nature of the offer. Recruiting teams will next analyse the information you provided and get in touch with you if they feel they have a position open that will benefit from your unique set of talents. Bhartiya Airways tries to respond within 2- 3 days.

Q. How long does the hiring process take?

Process time varies across all our roles and is contingent on role availability. But Bhartiya Airways generally reply within 1-2 days of your application.

Q. I've made Academy Course applications previously.

I was wondering whether the application procedure differs for me. No matter how far you made it in the interview process, the following steps are the same for everyone.

Q. When might I expect my Academy Course to begin, if at all?

As a service, we provide Academy Courses that often last six months or a full calendar year. You should talk to your HR recruiter about the specifics of your start and finish dates since they may vary depending on the position you're applying for.

Q. How long does the typical interview last?

As positions become available; the first step is a preliminary screening of resumes. A follow-up survey might be sent to you if you apply to certain positions or move to certain areas. This data is then sent to the recruitment department for consideration; if positions are available that suit your expertise, a member of the recruiting department will get in touch with you to arrange a phone interview.

Q. Is the aviation industry a good career platform for future?

Since airport management is one of the world's most profitable and in-demand industries, there are many opportunities for qualified individuals in this field. India's domestic aviation market ranks third in size globally. There has been a dramatic rise in the aviation business in India during the past three years.

Caution Bhartiya Airways Caution

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