Refund Policy

Refund Policies of Bhartiya Airways:-

Thank you for choosing Bhartiya Airways for your flight and holiday package.

If somehow you are not satisfied with the flight booking or holiday package, please go through the refund and return policies of Bhartiya Airways. Following return and refund terms apply to every service that a user avails of on our website.

  • • Bhartiya Airways holds no responsibility for any inconvenience that interrupts the journey in the middle, like Landslide, displeasing weather, unavailability of rooms in a hotel, etc. in this case company is not liable for refunds if applied.
  • • The company will not issue any refunds if a user doesn't avail of services like Sightseeing, food, guides, rides, cruises, and optional trips within a trip.
  • • Unused services from your end will not make you eligible to apply for refunds or returns.
  • • Emergency cancellation of flight awards no refund if it gets canceled by violating flight booking policies.
  • • If you fail to board the flight on time and apply for a refund, the company is not liable to pay any refund or return.
  • • The company will pay the refund when the application for the refund gets submitted within 14 days of the problem caused.
  • • When the error occurred is from the side of Bhartiya Airways, we are liable to pay a full refund to the affected customer.
  • • A refund amount will be available within 15 to 45 working days in your registered bank account.
  • • Refunds will be sent to the registered bank account by the payment mode chosen by the user like- UPI, Internet Banking, Wallet, Mobile Banking, NFT, RTGS, or cross cheque.

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