interview guidelines



Congratulations! Spending days, weeks, or possibly months of looking for the right job has finally paid off and you’ve been asked to come in for an interview. Then comes the biggest question of all, now what? You will only have 15 to 20 minutes to sell your experiences, attitude, and skills to the employer – most likely without knowing what the employer wants to hear from you. There are articles upon articles of advice on interviewing, from how to answer certain questions to how to dress – right down to the color of your socks! It can seem overwhelming, but remembering a few key points can help make your interview successful.

We recommend that job hunters visualize in their minds how the interview will go. A little edginess before an interview can be helpful if it makes you alert and energized, but too much anxiety can be disastrous. Practicing deep breathing or repeating a tranquil word like “calm” are popular methods people use to get themselves ready for a tense situation. And, again, mental preparation well in advance of an interview is keyWe ‘Nexus’ conduct Classroom & One-on-One sessions to the candidates on Interview Guidelines & Resume Preparation by HR Professionals.Topics to be covered:

  • 1. How to sell yourself?
  • 2. How to prepare for an Interview?
  • 3. How to face/approach the Interview?
  • 4. Common Interview Questions with Answers.
  • 5. Methodology to exhibit/present/deliver in Interview.
  • 6. Do’s and Don’ts at Interview process.
  • 7. How to adapt the global employment scenario/trend?
  • 8. Preparation of an appropriate Resume/Curriculum.
  • 9. Essential things to mention & not to mention in Resume.
  • 10. Career Advise/Suggestions.