Who works on one motto of life that is

Whatever thing you decide to do, just bring out 100% of your efforts for it

He was born to a middle-class family in village Jheelara, Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

And from an early age, He was an average student, but his mind was sharp. Everyone in his village knew about his capabilities and always admired his determination. So it was easy for them to deduce that he would pursue something good and make them proud.


But you never know how your destiny will play the cords of your life and the next day where you'll end up.

In the 11th standard, his interest started shifting from his studies and more towards earning and finding new ways to earn.

Here, it was the start of an entrepreneur Bhagvanta Singh we know him as today. So he sidelined his studies and started to focus on other things.

It wasn't just shocking to his family, but the whole village left with one question "But why"?

It was an obvious question because being from a village myself too, from our early days, we force our children to focus on a dream govt job without which life is nothing.

Soon he left the village overnight to seek what his life had written for him, With nowhere to go and with the need of earning money to survive, He started looking for jobs irrespective of the job qualification.


For his first job, he was not eligible so what he did, he corrected his date of birth on his mark-sheet, and you know why he did that?

To get the sales profile job for selling sim cards, This was his first job where life taught him the value of one single rupee.

Every night when he went to sleep, he asked these questions to himself:


  • - What is my purpose in life?
  • - Why I'm here and from here where I will go?
  • - And what more challenges are about to come?


With these questions in mind, he kept selling sim cards, and soon he switched for some other work.

His work and experience made him earn a bike from the company, but since childhood, he lived his life on his terms,

So instead of a motorbike, he opted for cash, and with some more effort in his work, He bought the bike he wanted to buy.


As one great man said, "never settle for less in life, so keep hustling keep moving ahead."


On 29th December 2013, was the day when Mr. Bhagvanta first landed in Delhi, seeing the Delhi lights and lifestyle, He decided to get settled here.


Though he made up his decision, he hadn't thought of:

  • What is he going to do?
  • Where will he live?

So these questions stayed with him until new year's eve.

When he found the opening for waiters in a hotel, it was that time of year when staff in the hotel needed the most.

Then he started to work as a waiter to feed himself and earn to live systematically. So, this is how his life brought him to hotel management,

Here, he learned a lot about the management field, and having a sharp mind, he took no time to understand the ABC of Hotel Management. And by October 2014, he became an expert in this field.

With the skills of communication developed from his last two jobs, he already built the power of convincing others to work for his idea. So his two seniors supported him for his idea and said,

"do whatever you like to do. We won't question you, work on your business idea and grow."


By October 2014, He started his enterprise with the name "Tara Enterprises"

With no other person to work with, He started marketing on his own by pasting pamphlets at night and attending calls by the daytime. And soon, his hard work paid him well. As his team covered more than 28 hotels across Delhi-NCR in very little time

Soon this business idea started to bloom, and more and more man power demands kept Mr. Bhagvanta busy 24*7.

Therefore his friends & wellwishers suggested making Tara Enterprises, A private limited for better organization.


As staff under him just getting bigger and bigger, He thought to expand it further, and thus alongside hotels, he also started covering airports. With the increase in the demand for skilled professionals, he decided to launch his management institute by the name:-
'RD group of Management' in 2017 it got registered in education trust.
Which started to train aspirants and provide them with Diploma certificates,


The success rate of this institute is 100% to this date, which resulted in more and more candidates starting to connect with the institute. With each year, more than 1000s of candidates get placed in various hotels and airports, And this increase in numbers was not only from candidates but also from hotels and airports, where they were more than satisfied by the services provided by Tara Enterprises. So, to manage both these success stories, many of Mr. Bhagvanta's wellwishers suggested making Tara Enterprises a Pvt ltd company.


So not only did he make TARA enterprises into a Pvt ltd company, but "RD group of Management." became Pvt ltd.

On 11th June 2019, RD group of Management became BRD Institute India Pvt Ltd.
On 19th June 2019, TARA Enterprise became TARA Airport and Hotels India Pvt Ltd.


And to manage both two domains were created,
one was Taraindia.in that looks after hotels management
and one was Bhartiyaairways.com that looks after airports management


But then something unprecedented happened in 2020 when the world encountered an invisible enemy known as the Coronavirus. It made all the progress so far back to where it started, but this didn't stop him and his vision from growing furthermore.


So, He came up with the idea of providing students with live classes. It helped him understand the necessity of having an IT Tech company. So thus, he got the inspiration to open his IT firm. Where students get placed in web development, web designing, and much more, Not only this, but his Tech team provides them with better education and live project making.


Now with the new year is around the corner,

He is planning to launch his very own flight booking engine for flight booking alongside holiday packages, with offers and discounts, you can't ignore them. The year 2022 will be known as the year when we will launch something that's not just good, but also affordable to all.


And Bhagwanta Singh has also set his eyes to launch his very own airlines by the year 2025. It is the dream project for which every day his team is working.

So this is the professional struggle & journey of the businessman Mr.Bhagvanta Singh. From which there is so much to learn and so much to understand.


There's no job which is small or big,



It's our ideas that made them small and big,


If you're willing to settle for the less, then you won't grow up to your full potential but if the hunger for your growth is high, then doors of your success will always stay open. This blog has focused on his professional struggle of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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