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Event Hosted by the Samaj Kalyan Federation of India

Mr. Bhagvanta Singh, Founder of Bhartiya Airways, delivered an inspiring speech at an event hosted by the Samaj Kalyan Federation Of India.


On January 15th, the Samaj Kalyan Federation of India hosted a fantastic event called “"प्रथम स्थापना दिवस"” The event was a huge success, and there were many famous people in attendance. The event was called "राष्ट्र गौरव सम्मान सम्हरो" which was held to honour all of the people who have contributed to society in ways that no one expected.


Mr. Bhagvanta Singh was the event's chief guest. When he arrived at the event, there was a completely different vibe. When he was called up on stage, he was greeted by Mr. Jitendra bachchan, the Founder and National President of the Samaj Kalyan Federation Of India. He also stated that it was an honour to introduce Mr. Bhagvanta Singh on stage and thanked him for attending the event. Now is the time for a speech to motivate the youth. Mr. Bhagwanta Singh's outstanding speech captivated the audience. He specifically mentioned the welfare of society in his speech. He also mentioned some points about how the new generation can cope with the emerging and dynamic world. 


He gave a speech to energise the crowd, and he was eventually successful. He also stated that young people can accomplish anything if they put their minds to it. It all comes down to mind mapping and creating a vision for yourself. You don't have to listen to others because all you have in the end is yourself. Create a vision and a dream, then do all of the work in accordance with the vision, and your dream will undoubtedly come true.


"If a guy who was earning 250rs  can earn upto 250 Crore, then every person has the power to do the same."  ~ Bhagvanta Singh.


Mr. Bhagvanta Singh presented himself in such a way that the audience realised that  they might be missing out something in the world. His charm and charisma added a nice touch to his words. Everyone at the event was motivated by his words and wished to meet him in person to discuss the society's norms. Not to mention that the event was covered by several news channels, including India News, Jagto Bharat, and others. The event was a wonderful contribution to the betterment of society, and Mr. Bhagvanta Singh truly energised the audience with his fantastic speech.


The event ended on a high note, with everyone grateful for the opportunity to hear Bhagvanta Singh, the founder of Bhartiya Airways. You can also view some of the pictures and videos from the event to get a sense of what it was like. We hope that this type of event will continue for the betterment of society and the future of the youth.

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