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Academic Qualifications and Job Roles to get Bhartiya Airways aviation certificates

  • • The fantastic thing about the aircraft industry is that it is open to anyone who has completed their 10th grade or higher. Applicants must, however, complete one of the following programs to work in the sector:
  • • Applicants must have received their 10th-grade certificate and equivalent qualification from an authorized education board.
  • • Aspirants must have a solid understanding of mathematics and physics.
  • • The minimum age should not be less than 17 years, and the maximum age is 24 years.
  • • Candidates need to clear the physical fitness requirements s compulsory set forth by the Director-General of Civil Aviation.

Ground Staff

People, who desire to work as a Ground Staff, should learn all the details and duties of this position. The position of a ground staff member entails various challenges and obligations. They must be alert and use practical approaches to respond to passengers' unexpected inquiries. The ground crew is primarily responsible for guaranteeing the safety and convenience of travellers in the airport.

Airline Ticket Agent

The airline ticketing agent is responsible for making flight ticket reservations and handling passenger reservations. He should handle and address Flight fares, bookings, timetables, seating availability, and many other issues. The airline ticket agent needs to interact, respond to, and solve the customers' queries.

They also oversee critical tasks such as payment processing, client data collecting, and validation. Airline ticketing agents can equivalently operate in airports to ground staff. They must be prepared to work long hours and shifts and be adaptable.

Customer Relationship Manager

In the hospitality and airline industries, the customer relationship manager communicates with travellers and informs them about their hotel or flight ticket reservations. We offer to teach materials and courses that include the fundamentals of customer service. Professionalism, intelligent attitude, perseverance, trustworthiness, honesty, and client welcoming behavior are characteristics of basic principles of customer relationship management course.

Cabin Crew

One of the highly desirable positions in the airline sector is cabin crew. The cabin crew, consisting of a female air hostess and a flight attendant (male), is responsible for the travelers’ comfort, wellness, and security while boarding the aircraft.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are responsible for the airplane and are crucial for passenger safety and comfort. They devote a good chunk of time in contrast to other airline personnel. For the length of the trip, they also provide a truly customized service suited to every passenger's needs.

Bottom Line

Bhartiya Airways is a well-known airport employment provider with a long tradition in the aviation industry. If you require training and certification as an air hostess, flight attendant, ground staff, or cabin crew member, you can contact us. We offer excellent training and educate individuals to maintain a range of administrative roles at the airports. We provide the Bhartiya Airways aviation certificate that NCT approves. The certificate will ensure that candidates get their dream job right after the course completion.

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