A Relatable Life of an Entrepreneur

A Relatable Life of an Entrepreneur


Story 1: Average in studies sharp in extracurricular

At a young age, Though he was average in his studies, his mind was quite sharp to his contemporary. He had solved many problems that couldn't be solved by bookish knowledge but by a creative mind. And from that age only, he had a habit of helping others. Many people of his village admired him for his goodness and dedication when he scored good marks in his board's examination. If you want to take something from this story, then take his creativity to solve many real-life problems.


Story 2: Quitting studies and leaving home

We all have some disputes in our family. Some get resolved in a day with no effects, while some have life-changing effects, one such incident happened in his life when he just decided to quit studies in the middle of a fight. After this, he wasn't ready for the next experience from the hand of relatives, when their constant taunts started to get on his nerves It was frustrating him so much that he began to bad-mouth them. And this frustration led him to leave his house and walk on the path he would choose for himself.


Story 3: A lesson to young ones

He was well-settled at this point, so his father said to take his brother and son of his uncle with him. It was the time when they were giving boards. So, Mr. Bhagvanta Singh saw his cousin studying maths, but instead of solving maths questions, he was reading them. It made him wonder what kind of maths are they studying? So out of curiosity, he asked them to solve some questions, which they failed to solve. Then he asked if you are so far ahead in reading maths, it is pretty much sure you have covered previous topics? Again they failed to solve even one question. At this moment, Bhagvanta lost control and gave them a beating required from an elder. And all this happened on the night before the maths exam. The result was as expected as anything, They failed to clear the exam. That time he taught them studies isn't a thing to take for granted as parents are doing everything in their might to educate us for this fast pace world.


Story 4: Getting into drinking & smoking

When two of the most trusted friends got to know about his crush, they urged him to have some guts and talk with her irrespective of the consequences, So after gathering tons of courage, he called her, but he wasn't expecting that it would end up like that, As on-call, her crush was way too brutal to consider as a crush, but what she said somehow worked for Bhagvanta, as it gave him that spark that lost somewhere, Thus to ease this built-up stress, his friend offered him the first cigarette of his life, saying it makes people feel relaxed and sweet. Now coming on to how he started his liquor habit, let's jump on to the next story that is 'A call to crush and resolve.'


Story 5: A call to crush and resolve

In a few years, His life had brought fortune for Bhagvanta Singh and his projects because of his sheer hard work, He was at that time became a well-established name in the market. Who is known as a person who knows how to invest and make project works. Still, he wasn't able to gather his guts to talk with his crush to confess his feelings, so again friends came to rescue and said, "let's have a drink first." After drinking a few pegs, he made a call which was failed but then a call came from the other side this time it was the call worth remembering every word spoken in it. They talked for a while, and she said, "you took so long to confess that it's way too late to consider anything, but a piece of advice never stops for anyone. There's nothing in life that you won't achieve."


Story 6: Never compromise

It's quite a funny incident, but with a message. After learning a lot from his own life, now was the time when his incidents started to inspire others. Every morning should always be energetic as it gives a headstart for the rest of the day, so this habit made one of the neighbors irritate, and one day, he came and started to fight. But all of his efforts failed when Mr. Bhagvanta countered him by saying, "either deal with it or replace your home." And guess what happened next? He started enjoying the music and became habitual to this habit, and when he doesn't hear music at 4 am, he comes personally to know the reason why? So change your surroundings instead of changing yourself to the surrounding. Live on your terms and create your way of living life.


Story 7: Quit and Live

After tasting the drink for the first time, it was like never looking back. He became so addicted to his habit of drinking that, with the first ray of sunlight, he needed a drink. So for his convenience, he started to have a bottle under his bed. But even he was drunk. He never misconducted either with staff or others. So one day, he was just hit with self-realization that what are you doing with your life, this isn't what you dream about, and then he decided to quit drinking. It was tough, but he was determined to achieve this goal, and today is the day it's been years since his last drink.


Story 8: Investors everywhere

On one fine day, He drove his car for its routine service, where he got to know about the new showroom opened across the road, so he decided to check it out. He went there and saw a scooter, which was quite appealing. So he asked the manager for a test drive. After the test drive, he asked for the price, and it was 40K and guess what happened next? He bought the scooter at that moment only. This confidence brought that manager's thoughts in the wonderland of what he does? So he approached him to inquire, but Mr. Bhagvanta didn't give him much importance as real talks never happen in urgency but with leisure. So after months, They met, and then he told him about his plans. Listening to the ideas of Mr. Bhagvanta, he decided to invest with him. And this was how you should deal with people if you are looking for investors. Keep them at bay, keep them curious about your ideas, and most importantly, be reliable as trust is everything in any business.


Story 9: Corona, lockdown, series, and loss

As 2020 arrived, we had no idea that this world would face a common enemy in the form of covid-19, In this phase of covid, so many companies got ruined, and so many companies flourished. With nationwide lockdown, most of us became lazy and started binge-watching series & movies, or some started doing extracurricular work to earn and grow, Guess what option Bhagvanta had chosen? Still guessing! He chose both as he invested in a project of online classes and started watching web series, The side of watching series in a weighing machine proved heavier than the project of online classes. And due to this, it was like a half failed and half-success project. It was a setback that made Bhagvanta uninstall every such app that endorses web series and movies, He didn't uninstall it from mobile but his mind. A child does these things of removing the app from mobile. But a man ignores the irrelevant things.


Story 10: An idea to fly high

We all do have this dream which is to fly high in the sky, either with wings or by airplane. So while eating with his mother, his mother asked, what will you do now? This corona has ruined everything. Have you thought, how you will earn now? listening to all these questions of his mother, without a second thought, suddenly he just said "one day, I'll fly my airways." and these words imprinted on his soul. On hearing this, His mother got amazed by his words and the determination with whom he said, So with more excitement, she further asked in curiosity: In how much time, you'll make me see this dream coming true? And when will I fly with you within your airways? After thinking for a while, he replied, "within ten years." This determination on his face made his mother believe in his vision more than ever. And with a smile on her face, she said, "I know you'll & my blessings are always with you." But these words of his were so heavy that these questions kept pondering throughout his whole night. Since that day, each step is going towards his dream of launching his airlines under Bhartiya Airways. And for this dream of his, he already prepared a road map, and with every day that passes, he is one step closer to making his dream a reality. And, He won't wait for 2030, as he believes in his sheer hard work and will to make it happen by 2025. And everyone on his team works tirelessly to make it possible by 2025. And maybe it will happen that one day you're reading this blog in the airlines of Bhartiya Airways while going on a tour. So if you want to learn anything from him, then learn how to invest time instead of money. And do everything with 100% dedication and determination, else don't even try with the half-hearted will.

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