A wonderful day spent with wonderful people, Diwali Celebration

जलवा है भारतीय एयरवेज का, दिवाली में जान फूंक दी


It was a day before the event of Diwali and there was so much decoration left to do. Our HR Department held the tasks very well in very little time. However, they were not alone in all that. The whole team was putting effort to decorate the office extremely well.

The day comes, and everybody was so excited about the event that has been planned by the HR Department. There were a lot of surprises coming up on our way as the event started. However, no event is complete without the speech of our Founder sir, Mr Bhagvanta Singh. He motivated us with his wisdom and wished us a happy Diwali in advance. There has to be a good host for the evening to lit the place up and that is why our teammates took the run for the same. They hosted with energy and brought an extremely well vibe to the audience. The event started with some games including a Dance puzzle. There was a chit box in which there are several names written together and whichever name came up with the chit, they have to dance without question. Everyone had fun with this game. People were laughing, hooting, and enjoying the moment as it goes by. The best couple also got a present from CEO Mam Ms Shweta Mishra, and it was amazing.


However, the mesmerizing moments were not going to end there only. After the fantastic game of Dance puzzle, we had a match of passing the parcel game. We had a simple rule that if anyone loses in the game, they will have to do what the audience told them to. Some were given the task to become a Murga by our director sir. This was the funniest moment of them all. We asked Bhagvanta sir what task should we give to the employee and he said with a pause: “Murga Bana dete hai”. Some were told to tell a joke. It was really fun.

After that, Everyone was given a tag for themselves that describes them the best. Employees had a burst-out laugh during the session of tag names. Everyone got suitable names according to their personalities. Everyone was happy with their names and wanted to have more fun with the further activities. There was a competition between Bhagvanta sir and Shweta Mam of Musical Chair. There was a fantastic rush between the two of them. In the end, Shweta Mam won. Everybody cheered for both of them. Now, with all the rush, there was a video prepared by our graphic designer to show to the employees. Everybody got so emotional watching the video and had tears of happiness all over their faces. Along with that, there was also a game played to calm the employees. They had to guess the photo with a little part cut out from it. The fun they had with the game was impeccable. We had an extraordinary event with some of the best moments of our lifetime.

Everyone got some amazing presents from the company with a goodbye speech from Bhagwanta Sir. He wished us well with his great words and great teaching. He reminded us to enjoy ourselves with our family without even thinking about work because it is extremely important to spend time with your family, no matter what. Everyone had a great time and wished each other a very Happy Diwali.



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